10 Tips to get your site listed on Google

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10 Tips to get your site listed on Google

12/06/2021 12:00 AM by Admin in Seo tips

The SEO race is complex, to have a chance of obtaining good positions, it is essential to know the main criteria taken into account by Google. If you want to get your site listed on google or climb in the rankings of Google, you will need to put in place an effective SEO strategy.

Here are 10 important criteria that will allow you to improve the visibility of your website & get your site listed on google.

1. Promote the site by creating links (netlinking)

All the recent studies prove it, the links towards your site remain the criterion No 1 to improve the positioning of your site. When an Internet user refers to your site, the search engine values ​​them, but be careful, all links do not have the same value!

net linking strategy to get your site listed on google

The backlinks that come from sites with good authority have, of course, a greater impact on your website positioning. This is why you should rather prefer to have few links but of good quality rather than many low quality. The links positioned in the content are also much more effective than links in the sidebar or in the footer. And above all, be sure to position these links on sites in your theme!

To improve your netlinking, it is useful to use solutions like SmartKeyword.io to analyze the competition and the relevance of your backlinks. It is a complete and intuitive SEO tool coupled with a dedicated SEO expert to support you.

2. Avoid duplicate content at all costs

Duplicate content is a plague watched very closely by our friend Google. You should therefore pay attention to duplicate content first internally but also externally.

Never post content from another site without permission on your own, but more importantly never copy paragraphs, text from another site to post on yours, the same goes for images and videos. Google does not like these practices at all and this can have a negative impact on the positioning of the sites concerned.

3. Quality above all!

Give your website quality content, which can bring real added value to the passing Internet user. If you do it well, your articles will be able to be authoritative in your field and thus you will more easily gain the trust of your visitors.

If you don't have enough time to devote to this task, you can always pay someone to do it for you. There are many ways to find a web editor:

  • Simply ask the question on a Facebook group specializing in SEO or web writing (there are several).
  • Go through a writing platform like TextBroker
  • Hire a freelancer on a platform like 5euros

write an effective and quality content blog post

Finding a good copywriter takes time, but it can save you a lot more down the road!

And do not forget! Quality content will convince the Internet user to stay longer and go and discover the rest of your site!

Content is therefore a key element in retaining readership. It is also a very important factor in an SEO strategy. Google not only looks at the raw keywords on your pages, it also analyzes the semantics of the site. He tries to study the content and he tries to understand what the site offers to the readers. All this in order to send Internet users, who use them, to pages that best match their requests.

Content is the basic building block of SEO. There are many great looking websites out there, with great design- but which fall in the rankings of Google because of their lack of content, especially quality content.

In summary, make articles long, easy to read, airy and include a few pictures.

You Can Read our Guide on How To Write Quality Content For Your Website!

4. Update the content of your site

Populating your site with quality content is great, but doing it regularly is even better. There is no set rule regarding the frequency of posts, but keep in mind that one to two posts per month is the minimum to keep a blog alive, for example.

It is also necessary to think about updating the old articles which have a good visibility. Consider adding elements to keep your content alive over time

5. Pay attention to mobile compatibility

Since last year, mobile compatibility has been considered a criterion for Google. With this update of the ranking algorithm new criteria are now in effect:

  • The content should be displayed quickly on mobile,
  • The content of the pages viewed must fit the screen, so the user will not need to zoom in on the page or scroll horizontally.
  • The links found on the page should be far enough apart to facilitate interactions with the fingers. All this to prevent the user from touching a button or a link other than the one desired when browsing.
  • Google now penalizes sites that display overly invasive interstitials (popups) on mobile.

6. The display time of the pages

Page display time is an important factor for visitors who prefer sites that can load quickly and don't have to waste time accessing information. If your page doesn't load in less than 3 seconds, 57% of users will abandon your site. It is therefore a crucial element!

What's good for your bounce rate is also relevant for Google! In addition, a good loading speed will allow search engines to index more pages of your site when their robot comes to see you!

7. Use social networks for SEO

It's increasingly clear that the number of social media interactions a page has has an impact on its ranking. Of course, Google does not directly use the count of interactions on networks, but the more we talk about a site, the more its popularity increases, which sends positive signals to Google (the leverage is even greater with Google+). The credibility gained through networks also allows you to decrease your chances of being penalized.

Use social networks for SEO

You must therefore share or promote your content on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram Linkedin and others. Social networks are now a major source of traffic for most websites.

  • If you go viral on the networks, you will greatly gain notoriety ...
  • If you publish quality content, you will be able to retain your repeat visitors.
  • Still positive signals for your ranking. They should not be neglected!

8. Don't forget the basics: “on page” SEO

Optimizing your site for SEO is the basis of a good, effective SEO strategy. And that is not likely to change.

This is also the standard, on-page SEO factors are an essential prerequisite to be able to figure prominently in the rankings. This involves in particular:

  • Optimize your titles and structure the content well (H1, H2, etc.)
  • Optimize images: Google cannot decipher the images on a site without a little help. To do this, you just have to fill in the tags of your images (in particular the "alt" tag)
  • Get rid of dead links: These are links that lead to a page that no longer exists or whose address has changed. Watch out for these links on your website! To check, you can simply use a free tool that scans your site for 404 errors. You can do it easliy with our Broken Link Analyzer Tool.
  • Use internal links: a well-designed internal link can propel the important pages of your site. Google robots especially appreciate "expressive" anchor texts which allow easy interpretation of links.

Consider reading the article on the best SEO tools that will help you audit your site!

9. The secure protocol (https)

Recent studies show that when your site uses a secure protocol, namely an https connection, it could benefit from better SEO from Google. Even if this criterion does not theoretically prevent it from being well referenced, be aware that Google displays an alert on sites that are not secure. It is therefore preferable to switch your site to https!

10. Work for the long term

SEO is a strategy that cannot be done in the short term. The various optimizations are not taken into account instantly and the criteria change over time. Also note that the age of a site is also a criterion of credibility with Google even if it is not as important as what you can read everywhere.

In short, finding good links, posting content, making the site up to standards - all of this takes time. You cannot achieve good results overnight, progress will be steady and require persistence!

In 2021, more than ever, the success of your SEO requires hard and regular work!


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