10 tips to improve your SEO

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10 tips to improve your SEO

10/24/2021 12:00 AM by Admin in Seo tips

The organic SEO is a channel of organic traffic acquisition par excellence. Your site has acquired positions in the results pages today, but how can you go higher?

Where to start? Implement now our 10 tips to boost your visibility in search engines.

1. Technical problems

the organic SEO was for a long time the field where technicians reigned supreme. But today the world has changed and technique is just one of the many positioning factors you can influence.

To make sure that your site is correctly indexed, there is a simple and effective tool: Google Search Console. In the "Google Index" and "Exploration" sections, Google provides data to know the technical state of your site by providing information such as the number of indexed pages, the pages blocked by a noindex tag, the pages that return errors ... These technical errors are, in general, easy to understand and fix, so you might as well start there.

2. Analysis of your target

Has the idea that your on-line customers might be different from the customers of your other distribution channels ever crossed your mind? Indeed, it can happen that you hit, on the web, a target that was not planned. In this case, it would certainly be interesting to review your speech to adapt it to this new target and why not to this new use.

  • How to know your target? You can analyze several parameters:
  • Search queries that generate visits to your site (via Google Search Console),
  • Requests from your internal search engine (via Google Analytics or your CMS),
  • Socio-demographic data provided by Google Analytics,
  • Questions / comments / remarks from your visitors and customers,
  • Do your visitors mainly use a computer, a mobile, a tablet?

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3. The creation of personas

If you haven't already, it's time to get started. Not because it's a fad, but because persona creation is an effective and proven method of creating content for your target audience. And that's good, since you may have identified a new audience in the previous step.

4. A questioning of keywords

Your site is positioned on a spectrum of keywords which was defined when your site went live. However, with your new target / your new targets, whole areas are opening up to you to conquer new markets. It is therefore time to resume your list of keywords by using our free keywords suggestion tool, remove the less relevant or off target (products that you no longer sell) and add new ones (new products, new services, new targets, etc.)

5. An internal mesh in a silo

the internal silo mesh is a proven technique which consists in setting up links only in the same thematic silo in order to improve the relevance of links and linked pages (thanks to themed links).

The downlinks are the ones to be made first. But we can also set up ascending and transverse links. Think of the Internet user and ask yourself, for each link, if it is of interest to the reader. If you have any doubts, do not embed the link.

6. Speaking out (blog comment / engagement)

More and more, Internet users need to identify with the brands they buy and to create an emotional connection. To achieve this, you have only one solution: to engage in the discussion. Take the floor, whether on social networks, your site, your blog, a newsletter ... Be organic and open. New opportunities will open up to you.

7. Bloggers contact

Bloggers have become as powerful influencers and sometimes even more so than journalists. On the other hand, they remain much more accessible and the formalism of the press release is not required.

Select a handful (5-10 bloggers) with whom you want to make a real connection and get in touch. Offer to test your products but keep in touch afterwards. Forging a real relationship will be more profitable and will allow you to set up large-scale operations offering significant resonance.

8. Links from partners

The links that point to your site will always remain a major asset for your SEO .

You certainly have clients or suppliers with whom you work on a regular basis. They all have a website. It is therefore time to ask them to set up a link to your site. You can also do the same. Links are the essence of the web so make the most of it.

9. The creation of "linkbaiting" content

The "linkbakting" is a technique of creating high quality content that will allow the creation of organic links to your site. Creating an infographic is the most used method, but it is indeed the quality of the information presented that will be the determining factor of success. Yet that's not the only content available in your arsenal. You can suggest:

  • A video
  • An exhaustive list
  • A guide / tutorial
  • A presentation
  • An exclusive document
  • A background research with interesting statistics for your target

And why not tell your blogger friends about it?

10. Implementing an inbound marketing strategy

It is certainly not the fastest point to implement, but an effective and relevant content strategy is one of the keys to success on the web. You need to create content that brings value to the user who reads it.

The Internet user who uses a search engine is looking for a solution to a problem. It's up to you to prove to them that you offer the best solution.

With these 10 SEO techniques that you can take action now, you certainly have plenty to take care of this winter!

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