3 Typical ways to create backlinks

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3 Typical ways to create backlinks

09/04/2021 12:00 AM by Admin in Seo tips

A backlink is defined as a hypertext link which directs the Internet user to a site other than the one he is visiting. This is a very effective SEO strategy that helps to position websites on search engines. It is therefore essential to learn how to create backlinks and use them wisely. Why and how to create these inbound links? Some answers are given here.

The importance of backlinks in SEO

Before knowing how to create backlinks, it is important to understand the usefulness of such a strategy. Indeed, inbound links are very valuable media for an SEO policy. Creating a website is not enough to profit from it. It is also necessary to bet on its optimization in order to place it in good place in the Google search results. The aim is to create a technical environment that is both coherent and robust for the site. You should also know that the popularity of a website cannot be built without other platforms talking about it. This parameter defines the position that Google will give to this website. This is where the importance of backlinks is. In other words, the notoriety of a website evolves as it accumulates quality SEO links.

importance of backlinks in SEO

Following are the main 3 ways to create backlinks for your website;

1. Opt for linkbaiting

the linkbaiting literally translates to 'bait link'. This is a strategy aimed at creating and uploading highly attractive content. It must be taken up by other websites whose themes are similar to yours while citing the source. In other words, this SEO netlinking technique is used to get backlinks in a organic way. Here, the fundamental question that arises concerns the quality of the backlink to be created. You will benefit from opting for linkbaiting because this strategy is very “white hat” and therefore respects Google's recommendations. However, it does require that enough time and resources be devoted to it. The netlinking approaches to be used here are more aggressive. It's about buying links, building a link network and the like.

Creating compelling content is the starting point. Whatever they are, your content must arouse the interest of the web community and make people want to visit your site. Specify that your documents can be used provided that the source is cited. Also, optimizing your page is an essential step. You will also benefit from using several sources to increase the visibility of your site. Social media, media relations, and e-mailing campaigns are good for doing this. The last step in linkbaiting is to grab SEO referral links and follow them.

2. Create your own site network

Also called PBN (Private Blog Network), the creation of a site network aims to improve the organic referencing of a main website. To do this, the PBN will allow you to get free backlinks. The result in terms of the site's positioning in search engines is generally satisfactory. However, it is essential to respect certain rules at the risk of having a result totally opposite to that expected. So to say that the quality is here, a parameter not to lose sight of. To create a quality site network, it is important to take into account Google's rules. This is a requirement to be taken into account for your main site on the one hand and for those which are secondary on the other hand. Their content must therefore provide real added value for positioning.

3. Find an offshore service provider specializing in netlinking

As you have no doubt noticed, developing a netlinking campaign is both demanding and time consuming. To ensure quality performance, you will benefit from entrusting this task to a specialist in the field. An offshore service provider specializing in netlinking will direct you to the backlinks to buy to carry out your policy. By choosing an agency specializing in the sector, you benefit from full support and thus have a guarantee of quality. However, this choice may prove to be more expensive than hiring a freelancer.

To conclude, remember that a backlink is an essential SEO tool for optimizing a website. If it is possible for you to devote a significant budget to it, the expertise of a netlinking provider will be of great use to you.

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