Analyze the SEO of your website

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Analyze the SEO of your website

12/01/2021 12:00 AM by Admin in Seo tips

Analyzing the seo of a site makes it possible in particular to know its positioning in the search engines, but limiting oneself to that is not really relevant in itself. And knowing how your site ranks on the internet is not such an easy thing if you are not familiar with SEO and all of its aspects. An increased difficulty if we do not have access to the various tools available to measure it or if we do not master them.

The challenges of being well referenced are numerous, and the SEO analysis of your site will give you an overview of its performance in ranking on search engines including Google, and will allow you to identify all the leads for improvement.

Why analyze the SEO of your site?

A website must always meet objectives which are often to provide you with a certain profit in its use: creating contacts, generating online sales, prospecting, notoriety, etc.

As a reminder, when we talk about SEO or Search Engine Optimization, we are talking about the organic seo of a site in search engines, that is to say, its ability to appear and position itself on specific requests. We then speak of optimizations to facilitate the indexing of the pages of a site thanks to the implementation of certain techniques. To obtain results and meet these objectives, the visibility of a site and its organic seo will play a capital role: namely generating traffic.

why Analyze the SEO of your website

Indeed, to be able to capture visitors and generate leads, your site must be well positioned on search engines, and moreover, on business keywords, that is to say, which represent an interest among Internet users in relation to the activity of your company.

When we carry out an SEO audit of a site, it is therefore that we seek on the one hand to measure its level of seo on Google, which, it must be remembered, is the first search engine used in world.

On the other hand, this audit will also make it possible to identify the good and the bad points on criteria considered important and blocking for the seo of your site. At the end of the analysis of your seo, a list of actions classified by priority, will be established to correct and remedy the shortcomings of the site.

The goal of analyzing the seo of its site is of several types:

  • Measure its average positioning on Google;
  • Know the list of keywords identified and indexed by Google for your site;
  • Define more or less priority areas for improvement to improve the visibility of your site on search engines and correct defects.

How to analyze the seo of a site?

Measuring only the average position of a site on Google is of no interest to the extent that we can not justify this positioning, and say how to improve the seo of his site. So how do you analyze a site? As seen previously, it is in particular within the framework of a organic seo audit, that one identifies the performances of a site to be positioned on the search engines.

This analysis, more complex than it seems, is therefore based on the different aspects of a site's SEO which could be broken down as follows: Technical study, keywords, popularity, editorial and competition.

Analyze the SEO of a site with an SEO audit

It is during an SEO audit that we can determine the performance of a site. To analyze the SEO of a website, we proceed step by step by reviewing each aspect of SEO and using the right seo tools:

SEO analysis: Technical analysis of the site

Also called SEO technical audit, this step consists of measuring the technical performance of a site which plays a very important role for Google in its seo on its engine. Among other things, Google favors sites which stand out for their speed of display and which offer an optimized and thought-out user experience for Internet users. Technical points which, fortunately, for most of the time, can be easily corrected and therefore allow effective results to be obtained quickly.

These technical elements include ergonomics and display, site loading speed, site structure and information, quality of markup, indexing, links, etc.

SEO analysis: Study of keywords

This step consists of identifying the keywords that Google has indexed on its engine in relation to your site. This in particular this study which will highlight the possible problems in the contents and the editorial of a site.

Indeed, the keywords identified are linked to the content of the pages . These keywords reveal on the one hand the relevance and richness of your content: that is to say, do the identified keywords correspond to the activity of your company, and do they generate research, are there enough of them. And on the other hand, they make it possible to determine their accessibilitycompared to your competition. Positioning on certain keywords seems difficult or even impossible at first, and it will be necessary to adapt your keyword strategy to expressions that are less sought after but have real potential.

Once well positioned, it will then be easier to target the keywords, which yesterday were still inaccessible.

Analyze the editorial of a site in its seo

This step consists in evaluating the level of editorial quality of a site, that is to say overall its content. Content is what a site exists for, and what allows visitors to view and stay on your site. Most of the time, the concern with most websites that are poorly referenced is poor quality of content. It is therefore necessary to check for each page how the content is written, if it is not duplicated, if it corresponds to the requested page and therefore if it is sufficiently relevant, rich and offers the main keywords.

Analyze the popularity of a website

In the organic seo of a website, popularity is an important part. This step consists in measuring this popularity by quantifying and qualifying the links from external sites to the site to be audited (backlinks).

Analyze competing sites to measure the SEO effectiveness of a site

Usually what works for your competition should work for you. Here we are talking about marketing strategy, we are not talking about plagiarism or site copying but rather the way of doing things that allowed your competitors to rise very high in their SEO performance.


This step therefore allows you to better understand what makes the difference between you and your competitors, and to adapt your future actions accordingly.

The tools to analyze the SEO of your website

There are many tools and web applications to analyze your website SEO. Even if some are very technical and will require several hours of training to master all the features offered, others will allow you to obtain a rapid measurement of your site's performance in its SEO. You will thus obtain the performance of your site in its SEO, and avenues to improve it.

On the other hand, some tools are very complete, even complex, and are not all free! You can still benefit from a test period but you will be limited in their functionality.

The interest in calling on web seo experts then takes on its full meaning:

  • They master the various tools available;
  • They know how to interpret the results and draw conclusions;
  • They guide you in the choices to be made and define the right marketing strategy to adopt;
  • They support you in improving your site and its Google SEO.

Analyze the SEO of your website

Here are some essential Seo tools:

  • CyberSeo Free SEO Tools: Provide simple, professional-quality SEO analysis and critical SEO monitoring for websites. There are literally hundreds of free SEO tools , but we've only picked the best and most useful SEO tools For You. We Provide selection of the most necessary and useful SEO tools and services for website promotion.
  • Semrush: An excellent, very complete and paid tool, which allows you to achieve complete control of a website in its SEO, from technical analysis to backlink analysis: Keyword research, netlinking, competitor research, monitoring positioning, technical analysis ...
  • GTmetrix: This tool allows you to measure the performance of a site and establish a list of optimization recommendations to remedy any gaps (cache, reduce and compress sources, redirects, use of resources and media, etc.).
  • Google Page Speed ​​Insight: This tool measures the performance of a site according to Google recommendations. It analyzes its performance and gives suggestions for optimizations in order to improve its overall use on both mobile and computer.
  • Google Search Console: This tool, when configured on your site, allows you to obtain performance reports by Google of your site, in particular in its indexing on its engine. It thus provides an overview of the main keywords for which your site has emerged in Google's organic results (impressions, CTR and position).
  • This tool also makes it possible to identify errors in explorations and to obtain avenues for improvement to optimize its organic seo.
  • And also other tools: Ahrefs similar to what Semrush does, Majestic for netlinking, Siteliner for content analysis, SEO Quantum for content optimization, Keyword Tool, Kparser for keyword suggestions, Screaming Frog SEO Spider for on-site technical analysis ...

In conclusion, to properly analyze the SEO of your website, you must therefore rely on SEO skills and the use of several useful and complementary tools.

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