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Most common on-page SEO mistakes you can avoid!

A website can aim to sell more online or simply to attract more customers to your physical store. In either case, this requires significant traffic to your site. Many techniques have then emerged to attract more traffic to a website. We are therefore talking about SEO and SEA. What are the on-page SEO mistakes to avoid for a better SEO of your website? Post directly to social media If you use SEO as a strategy to position yourself on the internet, you will be forced not to publish content directly on social networks. In the SEO strategy,...
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How SEO and PPC Activity Work Together

How SEO and PPC activity work together is a key question for all marketers. The two marketing activities have several similarities, but they serve different purposes. For example, SEO involves the identification of keywords, while PPC is concerned with identifying the right ones to target. Both strategies aim at driving traffic to landing pages, which can help the company increase conversion rates. The SEO team works to identify the best keywords and phrases, while the PPC team works to optimize them for conversion. There are several reasons why SEO and...
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Are SEO Tools Worth It?

Are SEO tools worth their cost? You may want to use SEO tools to increase your website's visibility in Google. But you should remember that they are not free. In fact, most of them are worthless. Instead of spending money on these tools, you may be better off outsourcing your content creation or purchasing blogging courses. In this article, we'll talk about the pros and cons of each tool, as well as how to choose the best one for your business. Using SEO tools is the best way to stay...
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Case Sensitive and Case Insensitive SEO

When it comes to SEO, you should know that the case of your keywords does not matter. Google reads all cases equally and does not distinguish between lower and upper case. This means that the keyword you choose to optimize your website with should be in any case. Note: The exception is the URL, where case is important. Your URL should be case-sensitive, as the search engine will not rank the page highly if you use lowercase letters. To Manage SEO purposes, you should capitalize your keywords to give them a...
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How to manage an SEO project in 10 steps?

Between doing SEO and managing an SEO project, there is a small nuance. The first concerns the teams responsible for deploying the various pre-established actions while the second consists of thinking and managing all the teams and the actions they each carry out at their own level. The task is more difficult and without a good strategy the project is doomed to failure. What are the steps for the SEO project to be successful? Do an SEO audit If you want to rethink the SEO of an existing site, you need to start...
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Linkbaiting, To Improve Natural Links

A recent term coined to define known editorial practices, linkbaiting boasts of accelerating the recognition of sites, and therefore their SEO. Linkbaiting, an attempt at definition Linkbaiting is a set of techniques that make it possible to encourage the readers of a website to create a organic link (backlink) from their own website, their blog, or their tagigng platform account to the site in question.. In theory, this makes it possible to supplement the investment made in SEO in terms of keyword purchases by working on the visibility of the...
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10 Tips to get your site listed on Google

The SEO race is complex, to have a chance of obtaining good positions, it is essential to know the main criteria taken into account by Google. If you want to get your site listed on google or climb in the rankings of Google, you will need to put in place an effective SEO strategy. Here are 10 important criteria that will allow you to improve the visibility of your website & get your site listed on google. 1. Promote the site by creating links (netlinking) All the recent studies prove it, the links...
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