What is an SEO audit?

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What is an SEO audit?

09/04/2021 12:00 AM by Admin in Seo tips

A poorly positioned site on certain keywords, declining traffic, pages not indexed on search engines: these are all ills that can slow down the prosperity and online visibility of companies. To overcome these problems, SEO auditing is a great option.

The SEO audit makes it possible to identify the limits of an SEO strategy to optimize it and achieve optimal results. What is an SEO audit? How is it going? What are these goals? Get the answers here!

SEO audit: definition and options

The first action to take to improve the performance of a site is to analyze its strengths and weaknesses. The SEO audit makes an inventory to identify the factors that impact your SEO. Ultimately, it allows for better positioning on search engines. In practice, this audit takes stock of the SEO strategies adopted and makes improvements that allow pages to be better positioned in the SERPs.

The SEO audit is an essential step to boost a organic referencing strategy. Moreover, it is the first thing to do if you want to boost the visibility of your site. With this guide on site Seo analysis, you can ideally optimize your SEO.

The SEO audit is essential for a good organic referencing and the offers in this direction are quite diverse. It is possible to have free or accessible online audits at very attractive prices. Usually, they are fully automated and delivered immediately by specialized SEO software or free Seotools sites.

However, it is quite risky to stick only to these online solutions, as they often have real limitations. For a real full SEO audit, it will be necessary to go through a paid service. Free audits generally do not optimize a organic referencing but give some basic indications. Paid and in-depth services clearly offer better guarantees. With these, you benefit from the great expertise of professional and qualified SEO consultants. Contact an expert and qualified SEO agency to effectively achieve all the objectives of an SEO audit.

what is seo audit

The SEO audit has very important objectives. First, it looks for errors to be corrected to improve SEO. The goal is to increase and sustain traffic on the site. Then, this meticulous and in-depth work reveals new SEO opportunities. It is not only used to point out shortcomings. It identifies the unexploited assets of the site in order to boost its traffic and visibility.

How is an SEO audit carried out?

The SEO audit is carried out with a view to the complete optimization of a website. To improve the positioning of this site in search engine results, this operation consists of a complete analysis which follows major key points.

1. On-site SEO analysis

The on-site analysis is aimed at technical optimization of the site. It deals with the structure of the site's content, its tree structure, its internal link structure as well as the tags. It represents the major part of an SEO audit. For that, it must be done meticulously and in depth. It also takes into account the structure of your URLs and the adaptation of the site to consultation on a smartphone.

2. Off-site SEO analysis

This analysis mainly addresses netlinking. Also called link audit, it checks backlinks to ensure that they are varied, qualitative, organic and above all, appropriate to the themes addressed in the articles. For a site to stand out among its many competitors, it must have qualitative backlinks.

The number and the quality of the links which point towards a site also intervene in its positioning on the search engines. Also, a good off-site analysis may involve analyzing inbound competitive links and checking for sufficient diversity of link anchors.

3. On-page SEO analysis

This analysis includes the technical optimization of pages, content and keywords. It also integrates the improvement of ergonomics, the analysis of title tags, the semantic value of content and the positioning of pages on search engines. Indeed, on-page analysis consists of studying the requests on which a site is positioned thanks to its pages or even thanks to its mesh of internal links. It makes it possible to take stock of the content of the site to check if their length is sufficient, their structure is correct and if their semantic quality is adequate.

On-page analysis places special emphasis on keywords. It allows you to target those words that could boost the site's SEO. It will be enough for the owner of the site to position it then on these keywords to increase its traffic.

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