What is Google SEO?

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What is Google SEO?

11/28/2021 12:00 AM by Admin in Seo tips

We often talk about Google SEO when we talk about organic SEO. And for good reason, Google is the most used search engine by more than 9 out of 10 Internet users across the web. Why do we speak of Google SEO then? It seems to us that you already understand the answer but try to go beyond appearances. It must be remembered that organic SEO is the ability of a site to position itself and appear on search engines in organic results, on requests made by Internet users.

Google being by far the most used to carry out its research, it seems essential then to pay particular attention to its SEO on its engine.

How to improve your Google SEO?

To improve your Google SEO, search engine optimizations, also called SEO, are carried out. To detect the actions to be taken in order to gain visibility, a positioning audit is carried out to judge the SEO of a site.
SEO, for Search Engine Optimization, are actions and good practices, which act on several aspects of a website in order to facilitate and increase the number of visits by robots that index the pages and content of a website on each search engine.

There are also two types of SEO optimization: actions to be carried out "on site" and those "off site".

Act on the site directly to improve its Google SEO

To improve your Google SEO, we carry out “on page” optimizations, that is to say by acting directly on the site in question. These optimizations, more or less quick to deploy, range from technique to content: structure of each page, tags, metas, keywords, SEO writing, editorial, images, site fluidity, ergonomics...

Act indirectly to improve the Google SEO of your site

To boost its SEO on Google, we also carry out so-called "off page" optimizations, that is to say by acting externally to the site. These optimizations, more difficult to carry out, must above all improve the popularity of a site: netlinking strategy, SMO (Social Media Optimization), brand content...

How does Google SEO work?

To better understand how Google SEO works, you have to understand how a site and its content are indexed on search engines in general. Every day, robots explore all possible websites and browse them in search of their content: texts, images, video… and then store the results. These are called crawlers. These results are then sorted and classified according to their relevance and other criteria which are kept secret for each of the search engines, which are responsible for showing them according to the requests made by Internet users.

Social Media Optimization

This ranking of results is free and we cannot directly influence Google to improve its positioning. Only Google decides whether or not to index your content depending on how it perceives your site and your web pages. This is called organic results.

However, thanks to specific optimizations, we can tell Google that we have done everything possible to improve the SEO of its website. Google SEO is therefore how your website ranks in Google's organic results.

Note that Google provides a guide to adopt best practices in optimizing its site for its search engine: See the guide

Google: differences between SEO and SEA

Google SEO: the difference between organic and sponsored SEO

In fact, even if SEO on Google refers more to the organic results therefore from the crawl of robots every day to index each website, it should be noted that there is also sponsored SEO.

Google SEO

Natural SEO on Google is free but can be difficult to obtain: results can only be obtained at the cost of serious and regular work, after several months or even several years when the competition is strong. It is the organic SEO of your which is the most important.

Google Sponsored SEO

To compensate for this lack of visibility, as an essential complement, we generally proceed to a so-called sponsored SEO. On Google, paid SEO is called Google Ads (formerly Adwords). This paid SEO also called SEA (Search Engine Advertising) guarantees qualified traffic because the ads can be personalized and targeted searches with precision. However, depending on the keywords searched and the industry of a company, the amount of ads, in the form of auctions, can quickly become expensive.

Note that only the clicks on the ad cause a cost.
In this sense, the complementarity of SEO and SEA therefore guarantee optimal Google SEO.

Google SEO agency

Being well referenced on search engines including Google is more difficult than it seems even if it is true, that part of the actions to be taken to improve your SEO is achievable quite easily when you have a minimum of knowledge in website creation . However, mastery of all the different aspects influencing the SEO of a site is of several types and requires skills specific to the web and web marketing professions  : writers, SEM manager, referencers...

Calling on an Google SEO agency is proving to be the best option because it is up to date with the latest SEO techniques and updates. Google updates its results indexing algorithm for its engine several hundred times a year, including some major changes that can then have a direct impact on your site in the SERPs, and on your traffic.

Marketing experts create and define with you the right strategy to adopt to obtain the most effective results for your Google SEO.

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