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About Webpage Screen Resolution Simulator

What is a responsive site?

We have been talking to you for some time now about responsive sites and the importance of having one. But what exactly is a responsive site? Why is this so important to your business?

A responsive site is a site that is designed and developed in such a way that it can adapt to all screen resolutions. It is therefore a single site that can be consulted on a computer, smartphone or tablet.

Between the screen of a computer and that of a smartphone, there are large differences in resolution (number of points also called pixels that the screen can display). A computer screen (desktop or laptop) will vary between 1920 x 1200 and 1024 x 600, a tablet will have a resolution between 800 x600 and 1280 x 800 while a mobile will have a screen between 320 x 480 and 1080 x 1920 depending on models and brands.

Responsive technology makes it possible to adapt the display of the elements of the site to these different screen widths. As a picture is worth a thousand words, here is an example of a responsive site display on different media.

Unlike a mobile site or an application, it is not managed differently and does not offer its own content even if it is possible to hide some elements for too small resolutions.

Why you must have a responsive site

For the SEO of your site

Google has been hammering it for many months, its algorithm is now mobile first .

To improve the results of your digital advertising campaigns

What Google applies to natural results, it also applies to AdWords where sites that are not adapted to mobile see their quality score decrease and are therefore forced to pay more to maintain positions equivalent to their competitors.

But Google is not the only one to apply this penalty policy for companies that do not have sites for mobile users. Facebook recently announced that companies that do not offer suitable navigation for mobile devices will see their ads penalized.

For internet users

You can choose to override Google and Facebook recommendations, but you can't afford not to meet the expectations of people on the Internet (your visitors and potential customers). Apart from today, mobile searches are exploding, Internet users are increasingly using their phones to find out about products and companies, but also to make their purchases.

As a business with a commercial vocation, therefore, you cannot afford not to meet your expectations and miss out on potential business.

The advantages of Responsive Design

The advantages of Responsive Design are numerous. This technique allows a website to automatically adapt to different screen resolutions. This technique allows the universal visualization of a website using the CSS 3 new rules and properties (Queries media, micro formats ...), supported by the vast majority of browsers.
Columns and images are automatically adjusted, resized and moved automatically based on screen resolution. This technique allows optimal ergonomics while preserving the layout and display of information on the site.
Responsive Design is a long-term strategic solution and you don't have to worry about redirecting users to another version of your website. Once deployed, there is very little maintenance to perform and the cost of development is often lower than building and maintaining a dedicated mobile site.
Responsive design also involves having a unique URL: perfect for promotional campaigns.

The disadvantages of Responsive Design

While there are many advantages, there are still some disadvantages to Responsive Design. These include a longer loading time. Most of the time, users (browsers) are forced to download HTML / CSS code unnecessarily. Likewise, images are often stretched and not simply resized causing a negative impact on loading time.
Responsive Design will not allow you to easily adjust titles, descriptions and other content on mobile phones. In addition, developing Responsive Design websites takes more time.

What is Webpage Screen Resolution Simulator?

Screen resolution plays a crucial part in the professional look and quality of a website. If the resolution is perfect for all type of formats like tablets, mobile, desktop, etc. then it is for Search Engine Optimization and search engines rankings. An online Screen Resolution Simulator assists you to adjust screen resolution consistent with all formats. This tool is one of the excellent tools that are provided by Seo Enabler. It is a highly sophisticated tool that is utilized by website owners to set their screen resolution consistent with all formats.

Resolution can be adjusted manually; though, it is extremely time-consuming and tough work. Thus, webmasters generally prefer this tool by which they can adjust screen resolution with only a single click.

How Does Seo Enabler Screen Resolution Simulator Works?

There is no compulsion to learn extensively about resolutions as our tool will help you in adjusting resolution for your site. It displays your site look in different resolutions on different devices afterward you can choose screen resolution you need to show on the respective device.

When you choose a screen resolution from the provided option, our free online screen size simulator will open a new webpage in which it displays how your site appears in that resolution. It monitors your website and shows website look on different devices like monitors, mobile and other then you can decide which resolution you would need to go.

Screen Resolution Simulator matters a lot for website owners as it always tries to provide new wonderful experience to the users, and they want their visitors again visit their sites. However, if the screen resolution will not be perfect then how a user can read what you have shared on your website. For that reason, it is essential to adjust Screen resolution of a website.

How to Utilize Webpage Screen Resolution Simulator Tool Provided by Seo Enabler?

It is very simple to utilize our tool. First of all, you need to enter complete URL of your site and afterward choose desired resolution and click on submit button. A new webpage will open which will display the look of website consistent with that resolution on different devices.

Our tool is one of those that help a lot to newbies in addition to old website owner in adjusting their screen resolution. Seo Enabler feels proud on it and will bring more fantastic tools.