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What informations our free WhoIs checker tool will display about domain ?

Our online Who Is  checker tool allows you to collect many information about a particular domain , such :

  • The domain registrar
  • The creation and expiration date of the domain .
  • The name of the domain name server
  • The geographic location of the domain .
  • The contact informations of the domain name owner when thoses informations are not protected.
  • The administrators of the domain
  • The administrators email address of the domain (when not protected)

How the WhoIs checker tool work?

You simply paste the domain's url  in the imput field of the form at the top of this page, then click on the "Get whois data" button. The  whois tool check the informations about the domain and display it in this page. you can also use our free tool to check domain age.

Term of use of the Whois checker tool

The informations displayed by this tool, even if it's provided by the registar, there is no guarantee concerning its accuracy.

This data is provided for the unique purpose of helping you to khnow more about the domain you're looking for.

Any use of this records for some other purpose Is forbidden with out the previous permission of the registrar.

Hence when you ask for domain informations, you agree to those limitations.  Specifically, by using this service you agree not to use this data to enable, or support the dissemination or collection of these data, for purposes related to spam advertising by e-mail, telephone, postal mail, fax.